Chip Vue Component

Chips (Tags) Vue component represent complex entities in small blocks, such as a contact. They can contain a photo, short title string, and brief information

Chip Components

There are following components included:

  • f7-chip

Chip Properties

<f7-chip> properties
textstringChip label text
mediastringText content of chip media
media-bg-colorstringChip media element background color. One of the default colors
media-text-colorstringChip media element text color. One of the default colors
deleteablebooleanfalseDefines whether the Chip has additional "delete" button or not
outlinebooleanfalseMakes Card outline

Chip Events

<f7-chip> events
clickEvent will be triggered on Chip click
deleteEvent will be triggered on Chip delete button click

Chip Slots

Chip Vue component has additional slots for custom elements:

  • text - element will be inserted in place of chip text label
  • media - element will be inserted in the chip's media element


    <f7-navbar title="Chips"></f7-navbar>

    <f7-block-title>Chips With Text</f7-block-title>
    <f7-block strong>
      <f7-chip text="Example Chip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Another Chip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="One More Chip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Fourth Chip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Last One"></f7-chip>

    <f7-block-title>Outline Chips</f7-block-title>
    <f7-block strong>
      <f7-chip outline text="Example Chip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip outline text="Another Chip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip outline text="One More Chip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip outline text="Fourth Chip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip outline text="Last One"></f7-chip>

    <f7-block-title>Icon Chips</f7-block-title>
    <f7-block strong>
      <f7-chip text="Add Contact" media-bg-color="blue">
        <f7-icon slot="media" ios="f7:add_round" aurora="f7:add_round" md="material:add_circle"></f7-icon>
      <f7-chip text="London" media-bg-color="green">
        <f7-icon slot="media" ios="f7:compass" aurora="f7:compass" md="material:location_on"></f7-icon>
      <f7-chip text="John Doe" media-bg-color="red">
        <f7-icon slot="media" ios="f7:person" aurora="f7:person" md="material:person"></f7-icon>

    <f7-block-title>Contact Chips</f7-block-title>
    <f7-block strong>
      <f7-chip text="Jane Doe">
        <img slot="media" src=""/>
      <f7-chip text="John Doe">
        <img slot="media" src=""/>
      <f7-chip text="Adam Smith">
        <img slot="media" src=""/>
      <f7-chip text="Jennifer" media-bg-color="pink" media="J"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Chris" media-bg-color="yellow" media-text-color="black" media="C"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Kate" media-bg-color="red" media="K"></f7-chip>

    <f7-block-title>Deletable Chips / Tags</f7-block-title>
    <f7-block strong>
      <f7-chip text="Example Chip" deleteable @click="deleteChip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Chris" media="C" media-bg-color="orange" text-color="black" deleteable @click="deleteChip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Jane Doe" deleteable @click="deleteChip">
        <img slot="media" src=""/>
      <f7-chip text="One More Chip" deleteable @click="deleteChip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Jennifer" media-bg-color="pink" media="J" deleteable @click="deleteChip"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Adam Smith" deleteable @click="deleteChip">
        <img slot="media" src=""/>

    <f7-block-title>Color Chips</f7-block-title>
    <f7-block strong>
      <f7-chip text="Red Chip" color="red"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Green Chip" color="green"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Blue Chip" color="blue"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Orange Chip" color="orange"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip text="Pink Chip" color="pink"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip outline text="Red Chip" color="red"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip outline text="Green Chip" color="green"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip outline text="Blue Chip" color="blue"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip outline text="Orange Chip" color="orange"></f7-chip>
      <f7-chip outline text="Pink Chip" color="pink"></f7-chip>
  export default {
    methods: {
      deleteChip(e) {
        const $$ = this.$$;
        const app = this.$f7;
        const target =;
        app.dialog.confirm('Do you want to delete this tiny demo Chip?', () => {